Sunday, November 10, 2013

Buddy's Writing Show #2: My Review Of WRITER DAD By Sean Platt & Me Talking About NaNoWriMo

The main focus of my writing show will be interviews with writers about their books, but I'll occasionally do some reviews on books and ramble about other writerly and bookly things. For this page you're currently reading, as just seen, I'll occasionally create my own very special new words!

As for Sean Platt, he's a great writer and you should check out some (no, make it all!) of his books. Here are some groovy links for you:

Sean's Page On

Collective Inkwell: Sean's works with writer David W. Wright

Realm & Sands: Sean's works with writer Johnny B. Truant

The Self Publishing Podcast: The weekly writing show that Sean, Dave and Johnny do together. A lot of good info and a lot of laughs!

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