Sunday, February 16, 2014

Moving On To A New Home On The Web

Hey all. Thanks for visiting here both now and in the past!

I've enjoyed it here on Blogger, but I'm moving on to a new domain.

All of my future postings can be found here!

Hope to see you there. :-)

Have a truly awesome day. Enjoy!

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Buddy's Writing Show: Writing Forward with Writer and Writing Coach Melissa Donovan

Buddy's Writing Show #13: I had a lot of fun here talking with Melissa Donovan, a writer and writing coach who runs a fantastic website for writers called Writing Forward. In this episode, we talk about great writing tips and practices for both new and experienced writers. 

To check out Melissa's Writing Forward site, go here: Also, Melissa is the author of The Adventures In Writing Series, which contains three great books for writers. You can find them here on her page on During the show, Melissa mentioned Grammar Girl, a great site for writers. Here's that place: