Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Debut Episode of BUDDY'S WRITING SHOW, Crissy Moss and SPRT!

So, I've been thinking for awhile about doing a show on YouTube where I do interviews with writers, talk about writing, do book reviews, and so on.

Well, I did my first show yesterday and it was a LOT of fun for me. I interviewed writer Crissy Moss and she was a fantastic first guest. Thank you again, Crissy!

I'll be doing at least one interview per week. There really won't be a set schedule for these (at least for now) but I'll try to give you some advance notice before I do them in case you want to watch them live.

One thing I neglected to do during the show was mention Crissy's website, which you can find right here. Aside from info about where to purchase Crissy's books, you'll also find great postings there from her. Check it out!

Some of you may be looking at the "SPRT" word at the top of this posting and be thinking, "Buddy just did a typo!" Well, there probably are some typos in this posting, but that's not one of them. SPRT stands for SELF PUBLISHING ROUND TABLE, which is a weekly show that Crissy co-hosts with five other writers.

I watch it every week. It's full of great info and it's usually hilarious. I talked about it with Crissy in our interview, but here's a little more info:

It broadcasts LIVE every Thursday night at 10 PM EST. Be sure to check it out. Here's where to watch!

NEXT UP FOR BUDDY'S WRITING SHOW: Sometime during the next couple of days, I'll be doing a book review there. The book I'm reviewing is an awesome one!  :-)

Monday, October 14, 2013

LEGAL NOTIFICATION: The Name Of This Blog Has Changed

I was speaking with my friends Carl and Dave last night and I mentioned that my old blog from many years ago was called BUDDY GOTT'S BLOG-O-RAMA.

That name gave them both a good laugh. Whether they were laughing with me or laughing at me is still a question, I suppose, but it's a question that I'm faced with regarding most people on most days. I'm used to it and for my own sanity, I choose to believe people are laughing WITH me.

Anyway, I decided to switch this place from BUDDY GOTT'S BLOG PLACE to BUDDY GOTT'S BLOG-O-RAMA.

The main reason for this is that, damn it, there just aren't enough blogs in the world that have O-RAMA as part of their title. That needed to change and damn it, I'm just the person to do it!

So, welcome to The Blog-O-Rama!

Check back soon for more nonsense. I'm full of it!